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Doll House Glitter

Doll House Glitter

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Doll House is a chunky holographic glitter with rose gold reflects! Stars and confetti chunks color-shifting beautiful rainbow colors. Best applied with our Super Glue Fuming 2 in 1 cosmetic adhesive. Use a moisturizing makeup remover wipe to remove the glitter. The moisture in the wipe will soften the glue making it easy to remove from your skin. Please do not wash down the drain.
- Makeup A Murder Fictional Case-
Doll House is incarcerated into MAM custody as evidence for case #2037. Glitter chunks from a dollhouse was carefully removed and placed in evidence jars to preserve it as evidence in MAM court. Doll House was present in case #2037’s crime scene.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful super shiny shimmer!!

Excellent product! Super shimmer, love it!!!

so pretty!!

This glitter is the perfect mix! super pretty shimmer and always a great quality product

erica nowosad
wouldn’t order from company again

i never received my dollhouse glitter, the customer service was very uncooperative with sending me my missing product. i explained i wanted it resend instread of refunded as i wanted the product. and instead of even getting back to me on the email they rejected my reply and did the opposite. how hard would it be to ship one product that i paid for and did not receive. i was also offered 30% off my next order and it’s been radio silence on where that is.