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Evidence Marker 6 Lashes
Evidence Marker 6 Lashes
Evidence Marker 6 Lashes
Evidence Marker 6 Lashes
Evidence Marker 6 Lashes

Evidence Marker 6 Lashes

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Evidence Marker 6 (EM6) is our NEW high-quality three layer 3D lashes that are 25mm long and 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Styled to be dramatic, wispy and voluminous with a thin, flexible band that's lightweight for all day comfort. Handmade with fine synthetic fibers to a mimic the appearance of real mink.

Comes packaged in secure magnetic evidence marker designed boxes with a fact about the purpose of evidence markers used at a crime scene.

Certified cruelty-free
Application: Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band and wait 30 seconds until the adhesive becomes tacky enough to stick to the lash line. Then apply the lashes to your lash line using sanitized tweezers. Tap the lash band with a cosmetic pointed cotton swab to ensure your lashes stay secured all day. Best applied with our Super Glue Fuming 2 in 1 cosmetic adhesive. Lash adhesive is not included.

Cleanse: Clean after every use to ensure usage up to 20x. To remove lash adhesive from the band, use a small amount of micellar water on a cotton swab and gently swipe along the lash band until the adhesive is soft enough to rub away and remove.

Storage: After every use and cleanse, store them back in the original clear tray and evidence marker box to prolong the use by protecting the shape and original quality.

Evidence markers are numbered and used to mark items of evidence found at a crime scene.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Violet Turner

These are some of my favorite lashes!! They are the perfect size not to big and not to small!! Would 100% recommend!!!

The lashes are awesome but they don't look good on me

I am absolutely loving all of these lashes, it's just this pair in specific that I did not like the way they looked on me, other than that I would recommend they're amazing quality.

Jason Amundson

Evidence Marker 6 Lashes

Sabrina Contreras

Love these lashes!! They are my favorite!!!

Francesca Thornton
So comfortable!

I can wear these for 5+ hours and I can barely feel them, I forget they’re even there sometimes!