Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection – Makeup A Murder, INC


Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection
Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection
Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection
Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection
Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection

Bloody Bag X Sketch Artist Brush Collection

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Unleash Your Inner Artist with the Ultimate Makeup Arsenal: The Bloody Bag Brush Collection! **

Calling all makeup mavens! Are you ready to take your makeup game to the next level? This limited-edition collection features our entire range of 16 Makeup A Murder Brushes housed in the luxurious Bloody Bag brush case.

What's in Your Kit?

  • The Bloody Bag: This vegan leather brush case is your one-stop shop for brush storage and organization. The water-resistant material protects your brushes on the go, while the foldable design makes it easy to find the perfect brush for any task.

The Killer Brush Lineup:

  • Concealer & Detailing Brushes (M500-M572): These precision brushes ensure flawless concealer application, from cleaning up mistakes to blending seamlessly.

  • Eyeshadow Powerhouses (M150-M152, M100): Pack on color, blend effortlessly, and create smoky looks with these versatile brushes. The M100 even features a dual-ended design for eyeliner application and buffing.

  • Liner & Detail Experts (5mm-12mm Detailer Brushes): Achieve razor-sharp lines, dramatic wings, and intricate details with these fine-tipped brushes.

  • Highlighting Hero (10mm Highlight Fan): This brush is designed to flawlessly apply highlighter to all the right places, for a radiant, sculpted look.

This collection has everything you need to create flawless makeup looks, from natural to dramatic. Don't miss out on this limited-edition set! Add the Bloody Bag Brush Collection to your cart today!

See Below For Expanded Brush Descriptions:

Now that you've explored the Bloody Bag Brush Collection, let's delve deeper into each brush and its superpower!

Concealer & Detailing Crew (M500-M572):

  • M500 Sketch Artist Brush: This multi-tasking brush is your secret weapon for cleaning up makeup mishaps and achieving flawless concealer application. The fine tip acts as both an eraser and a concealer brush for precise touch-ups.
  • M501 Sketch Artist Brush: For defining concealer around the brows and cut crease, this flat-edged brush is your go-to. Say goodbye to harsh lines and hello to a seamless finish!
  • M512 Sketch Artist Brush: Target blemishes and imperfections with pinpoint precision using this flat, thin brush. It ensures a flawless, controlled concealer application every time.
  • M529 Sketch Artist Brush: This tapered brush is your best friend for concealing delicate areas like the under eye, around the nose, lips, and brows. The thin profile allows for precise application without disturbing your makeup.
  • M566 Sketch Artist Brush: Buffing is key for a flawless, airbrushed look. This dome-shaped brush effortlessly blends and buffs out concealer, leaving you with a smooth, natural finish.
  • M572 Sketch Artist Brush: Sometimes, you need a little extra coverage in smaller areas. This angled brush is perfect for mattifying and blending concealer around the eyes, nose, or any other spot that needs a touch-up.
Eyeshadow Essentials (M150-M152, M100):
  • M152 Sketch Artist Brush: This densely packed brush is a master of blending. It packs on color while the fluffy edges create a beautiful, smoky effect.
  • M150 Sketch Artist Brush: This flat brush is perfect for applying loose eyeshadow base and packing on pigment. The rounded edges help you blend seamlessly as you build color.
Double Duty Duo (M100):
  • This 2-in-1 wonder combines an eyeliner brush and a buffing brush! The dense buffer is perfect for smoking out eyeliner, applying shadow to your lower lash line, or contouring your nose. Flip it over, and the thin, pointed tip lets you create precise lines and achieve the perfect cat eye look.
Detailing Dream Team (5mm-12mm Detailer Brushes):
  • 5mm Detailer Brush: For those ultra-fine lines and intricate details, this brush is your hero. It's perfect for creating sharp lines or painting small designs.
  • 9mm Detailer Brush: This versatile brush allows you to create both thin and thick lines depending on the pressure you apply. The long, thin hairs make it perfect for all types of linework.
  • 12mm Script Brush: Our favorite for use with Toxic Waste Eyeliners, this brush delivers bold lines and sharp details.
Highlighting Hero (10mm Highlight Fan Brush):
  • Get ready to glow! This fan brush is designed to softly apply highlighter to the high points of your face for a radiant, sculpted look. Use it to highlight your brow bone, nose, cheekbones, and more!
Bad Blood 3pack Brush Collection
  • M212: Shady Eye Brush: This small, paddle-shaped brush is your secret weapon for building and blending eyeshadow. Use tapping and pressing motions to pack on color, or sweep it across the lid for a seamless finish.
  • M219: Fluffy Blender: Don't be afraid to get fluffy! This brush is designed to soften and blend eyeshadow, diffusing harsh lines and creating a smoky effect. Use circular motions to achieve a flawless, diffused look.
  • M200: Dome Creaser: This dome-shaped brush is perfect for tackling those tricky areas like the crease and under eye. The precise tip allows for effortless blending and targeted color application.

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