Mustard Gas Collection
Mustard Gas Collection
Mustard Gas Collection
Mustard Gas Collection
Mustard Gas Collection

Mustard Gas Collection

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Mustard Gas Evidence Collection
Skull Corks are limited edition while supplies lasts!
The Mustard Gas Collection of loose eyeshadow is in Makeup A Murder custody for its intense pigment and shine. This collection pairs “Bleach” and “Ammonia” together making “Mustard Gas”. Combined together, they make the perfect chemisty.
⚠️ Each poison jar holds 5 grams of loose eyeshadow.
⚠️ Shade Bleach is a white shimmer perfect for the inner corner of your eyes and highlight. Spray one squirt of water to your brush before dipping into Bleach to make the most blinding highlighter anyone has ever witness.
⚠️ Shade Ammonia is a black shimmer with many colorful reflects. It blends down to a shimmery gun metal black ready to cause trouble!
⚠️ Use as eyeshadow and a highlighter
Bleach Synthetic Flourphogopite (CAS#12001-26-2) Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)(CAS#13463-67-7)
Ammonia Mica (CI 77019) (CAS# 12001-26-2) Titanium Dioxide (CI779891) (CAS# 13463-67-7) Iron Oxide (CI 77491) (CAS# 18282-10-5)

Customer Reviews

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Although I love the black and the white. I can use them both in so many looks! The packaging is quite unique and completely love it, but it is a little problematic when dipping into the bottles. It is something that I easily over look cause the bottles are amazing and totally my style.

Great packaging!

I love the fun themed packaging that my makeup came in! Everything was perfectly labeled and it really looked like crime scene evidence. The loose pigments are really pretty up close and pack a lot of color in a small container. The poison bottles were gorgeous in person and the fact that they are glass bottles that I can keep forever made my purchase even more worth it!


1st off bleach is amazing and such a beautiful highlight. Ammonia is so unique and pretty. Love them both so much


I love this collection! Bleach is my absolute favorite to use as a highlight for the inner corner and brow bone